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Posted by PilotAdmin on March 3, 2016

Netflix Without the

Pilot - Where Your Story Begins

What is the Pilot App?

We are a new dating app, but we’re not your usual “swipe left” operation. We offer you the ability to form connections based on your favorite shows and movies. Rather than picking from a wide array of options based on photos and a couple of lines, we use your tastes in television and film to gather your best matches. If you have an obsession with Seinfeld or Game of Thrones, you’ll have the ability to connect with an individual that shares that passion. And this isn’t purely a dating app! You can also form friendships and communities through the connections you make. If you’re looking to share your interest in genres like sci-fi, romance, or drama, this is the place for you.

How We Do It

As mentioned before, we match you with new people based on your favorite shows and movies, hence the name Pilot. A pilot is an episode of a television show, usually the first, made to test with an audience. If it’s successful, the show continues to a full production. If it fails, then it is called off. It’s the same idea with the Pilot App! If you like the person and want to continue talking to them, a “series” is made. If not, you move onto the next person or “pilot”. It’s a fun format that allows you to actually be engaged, not just swipe anytime you’re bored. And since there’s already a common interest, you can be sure you’ll have something to talk about.

Why We’re Different

The Pilot App also allows you to set up dates via the app. We want to stress the concept of moving the conversation offline and going out to actually meet people. With that philosophy in mind, if you really like a person, you have the opportunity to set up a movie date directly on the app. You can buy tickets for a scheduled movie screening at a theater in mutual distance between you and your match. It’s super simple and takes the fuss out of setting up a date.

Netflix without the “Chill” but with a Date

There are many dating sites/apps that are used essentially as facilitators for hook-ups. We are not that! We want you to meet people that you actually have common interests with and could potential date. We all know “Netflix and chill”, but think of our app as promoters of Netflix without the “chill” but with a date. Our goal is to bring people together one movie date at a time; ultimately, helping you find your match.

Thank you for reading our first post! Please tune in next Thursday to read our next topic: 4 Reasons Why We Don’t Go on Dates Anymore 

Also, please feel free to share or comment on things you like or dislike about current dating apps.

Talk to you soon!

-The Pilot Team


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