4 Reasons Why We Don’t Go on Dates Anymore

Posted by PilotAdmin on March 11, 2016


Chivalry Is Dead and Social Media Killed It...


There are many reasons why people don’t date. They can vary from very personal reasons to people just not wanting to be bothered with it. In any case, we compile the top reasons why people don’t want to participate in this mating ritual we call dating.


1. Chivalry Is Dead and Social Media Killed It:

Our first reason comes courtesy of Maria Loren of the Thought Catalog. People complain about how dating isn’t what it used to be. Dating back then allowed two people to meet organically and enjoy each other’s company, moreover, it was filled with polite rituals like picking up your date at the door. Instead we’re in a time where people Facebook-stalk each other before dates and guys use lines like, “I’ve got 2,000 Instagram followers.” (I kid you not). Technology has evolved and so has dating. Many don’t think it’s for the best though.

2. Dating Is Expensive:

You only planned on getting the cheapest things on the menu, but two drinks, a main and dessert later you’re paying a pretty penny. Dating is expensive (especially if you pay for everything). Dinner and drinks aren’t cheap. And you might not want to suggest doing free things, because you think it makes you look cheap. So what is one to do. I know. Netflix.

3. Netflix & Chill:

Aside from killing a once useful phrase for weekend plans, Netflix & Chill has ruined dating. Okay, maybe not ruined. But it certainly made things difficult, especially when you’re not sure of the person’s intentions. Do they want to chill or “chilllllllll”? It’s hard to date, when you’re too busy wondering if they’re just after sex. It’s enough to turn people off from the whole thing completely.

4. Dating Can Be a Chore:

Between coming up with a good date idea and working around schedules to meet; dating can sometimes feel like a chore. In this day and age, dating can feel too complicated and many just opt not to deal with it. The problem is we forget dating is supposed to be fun. And it is once you can.


Dating doesn’t have to be overly complicated, expensive chess game. At the end of the day, you’re just looking for someone cool to hang out with, someone you can have fun with. Nevertheless, you can scale-back any worries or concerns you have about dating. Especially since there’s a dating app (cough, cough Pilot), that makes dating simple, fun and convenient. So if you’re one of those people who’ve given up…rejoice, for we are here to help you re-think dating and give you the platform to make it easy again.

Do you have your own thoughts on why we don’t date anymore? Please feel free to share your comments.

Thanks for reading!

-The Pilot Team

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